Say HELLO to your new shiny, silky, frizz-free hair. This treatment restores and nourishes your hair, leaving you with healthier hair, straightening it 80-90%. Nanoplasty contains no chemicals (Chemical straightening products contain formaldehyde, a carcinogenic) & is safe from ages 7+, pregnant women (with doctors approval) & on all hair types. Results lasting 4-8 months.
There is no waiting 3 days to wash your hair.

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Hair Botox is a deep nourishing treatment for all hair types. Guaranteeing to moisturize, nourish, repair & revive hair right from the very first application. Resulting in incredible shine & softness while eliminating all frizz.
The results are progressive & cumulative as the quality of the hair becomes healthier, improving after each application. Seal your hair from humidity & stimulate new hair growth. While Hair Botox completely smooths your hair it does not change the texture of curls. You can expect to relax your curl 10%-30%.

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